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1982 called, they want their camera back


A friend of mine was visiting one afternoon and he saw this in my living room:

He said, “1982 called, they want their camera back.”

After some serious giggles I said, “No… it’s a Holga. It’s this cheap medium format camera a friend sent us when Gloria was born.” Our friend knew I used to study photography and that I once used a Hasselblad and have been coveting a medium format to call my own. He had told me about a world of inexpensive medium format cameras, and I made a mental note which I never followed up on. So he did for me.

I took some photos with it and they were terribly overexposed but I liked the general aesthetic. I was flummoxed by Holga, followed by preoccupied with my new SLR. But I have a soft spot in my heart for film and for simple cameras. I like darkrooms not computers. I kept wanting to use my Holga but kept leaving it behind. I brought it on my recent trip to Miami – and took almost no pictures. I kept hoarding the shots – which is silly – how will I ever learn how to use it.

Then I was cruising around on TAD, and I saw one of the authors used a Polaroid attachment to their Holga – aka a Holgaroid. I had seen this crazy contraption before, (a character on Scrubs used a Holgaroid) but I thought it was a propmaster creation – a made up instrument of utter coolness that I coveted but could not have. But it turns out that unlike many of the fine features of Pee-Wee’s playhouse (which I also coveted) I can have this cool thing I saw on television.

Then I began to play around online and found this Holga overview courtesy of Lomographic Society International. Who knew my interest in this little piece of plastic would introduce me to a whole subculture?

I have become super excited and plan to get some film, filters, and a cable release adapter. My wee friend will go wherever I go. B&H Photo – here I come!

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  1. 03.02.2008 10:23 pm

    how cool! can’t wait to see your results… i love the little set up you have started here post-tad… i’m trying to do the same with my blog and may possibly join w/ a couple of others to create an informal space for posts like tad (but probably not every day or anything like that)… i’ll keep you posted… thank you also for putting me on your side bar, i feel honored! šŸ™‚

  2. Lu permalink*
    03.03.2008 8:47 am

    Thanks,and please do keep me posted!

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