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I finally did it…


I have always wanted to be one of those people with a moleskine journal filled with beautiful images, but I have always been way too afraid to try. There is something so lovely about an untouched moleskine. There is a sense of promise when you handle a new and blank notebook. There is also something beautiful about other people’s journals: handwriting or thoughts or drawings different from my own. My journals however, make me sort of sad. They spend months-years untouched. Then every so often I add a chicken scratch entry in a fit of much needed catharsis. This is fine, but really, I should not be intimidated by my own journal. That is a little sad.So today I embarked on my first steps toward using my journal the way I really want to. I made a collage entry. Although occasionally, there is the need to conduct a written rant in a journal, I do not always need to rant, but I do often need to meditate on one simple thought. Simply writing down the thought is too fast an act to focus my overcrowded and multitasking brain. And if I slow down to add pretty lettering or a drawing I see an ugly page. So I thought that cutting and pasting the thought would slow me down, get me focused, and I would like what I see. I was right.I chose to use a magazine I had lying around and the scissor and gluestick I keep with my journal. I wanted to keep it simple. It took about 40 minutes to hunt the letters, words, and pictures down, to cut, and to glue. During that time I focused on the project and on the sentiment. When I finished I was content and proud of myself for making my journal reflect me.

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  1. Megan permalink
    03.04.2008 8:49 am

    Very nice! I started one of those towards the end of thing-a-day (well, not an actual Moleskine, I’m cheap & got a knockoff journal) and I’ve really been enjoying my page-a-day. I’m kind of going back-and-forwards between trying to put in some kind of journal content & just sticking in random images that caught my eye…

  2. 03.14.2008 4:08 pm

    omg, its very beautiful! Its exactly like something I would make. And I understand what its saying. It really hits home.


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