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Disappointed with my photos


So I picked up the roll of film I recently shot with my Holga from the lab today.<Holga Contact Sheet... needs some workThis is my second roll shot on the Holga, and the pictures were not much more intriguing than on the first roll of film I shot six months ago. I will say that I am excited to try some color film and some flash action! I am concerned though, because I tried to use my flash today and it would not charge. Is it broken? Or are the batteries dead? I hear lots of rattling around in there – so I may not have secured the batteries well. But I don’t think I will fix it until I finish this roll of film. I am just gonna roll with the cheap camera punches.The good news is that there is more information on the negatives than the contact sheet indicates. I also had some crazy wavy lines on all of the negatives so I think once I get this down, my Holga will have a special light leak pattern to call it’s own. I may rent some darkroom space and print a couple images. We shall see.

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  1. audrey permalink
    03.04.2008 9:46 pm

    Holga photos or no Holga photos, the banner photo on your blog is just so beautiful. I love it!


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