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A crafty space to call my very own – plus a sassy dry-erase board.


Today I realized my dream of an organized, centralized, conveniently located place for the majority of my craft supplies. My family has a creepy closet located under the stairs. It’s an oddly-shaped and cramped space, and until today, it contained a big pile of my crap. It had no shelves, so removing items was like playing a game of Jenga.<_MG_1962.JPGToday, however, I elfa-ed the heck out of the creepy closet. Then I played 3-D reality tetris and put the closet back together, neatly (not Jenga-inducing-ly) into the no-longer creepy closet.But I was saddened by the very bland and unused inside of the cheaply made door. However, inspiration struck; I remembered seeing a mention of a DIY dry erase board on I checked it out. Claudine Hellmuth‘s board is super fun, but I needed something bigger and easier to read. Mine is for more list-like purposes (although I did give Cindy Sherman a goatee and mustache). Oooo a border of portraits to doodle on would have been cool._MG_1964.JPGI decided to use leftover plastic from childproofing the railing on our landing, old postcards, and pretty paper, to make a door sized one that would be easy to read.I think that any plastic or glass will work.I also use dry erase markers to write sassy and theme appropriate things on the bathroom mirror when I throw parties.I am so happy, I just want to admire my new closet.  Take things out.  Put them back.  But now I must rest-up and prepare for the season finale of Project Runway – it promises to be fierce.

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