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Shrink plastic ring


I am still feeling under the weather, but I really wanted to make something today. I went to my old standby, shrink plastic. I decided to follow PlanetJune’s shrink plastic ring tutorial.


It was as straightforward as I had assumed.  The first challenge is determining the size of the original piece of plastic, because as June notes, different brands of shrink plastic shrink differently. The ring on my pointer finger, my first attempt, has a 3/4 inch gap in the back – so it is not a success. In terms of size, the second ring turned out to be much better.  I added 1 1/2 inches in length to my original piece of plastic and I got the right size.

The second challenge is that you have to work fast when the plastic is hot to shape it.  I sported a pair of fine knit gloves and I had no problems.

June gives you all of this advice and then some.  I completely recommend her tutorial. What I really love about June’s pieces is that she uses a translucent plastic and stamps the inside. I definitely want to give that a whirl. I used the inkjet plastic and printed directly onto the plastic for my two rings; because the inkjet plastic is opaque, I have to print on the outside of the ring.  I do have two more rings lined up for the oven tomorrow.


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