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During the Victorian era it was customary for women to share diaries; sometimes I will share mine with you.


I joined a Yahoo! Group called Gluebooks yesterday (thanks for the heads up Megan). There is some very cool work shared in this group. I added my first post today.

I was inspired by my friend what my friend Sara had to say on her blog today.

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  1. 03.11.2008 10:37 am

    What a beautiful page, and great quote too, where did you read that? It’s interesting. Imagine going to a party and bringing your diary and letting it cirkle among your friends? strange and lovely too!!!!

  2. Lu permalink*
    03.11.2008 2:19 pm

    Thanks. I cannot remember which text was the source of that information (I tried to find it). I remember stumbling upon that fact in college (probably in one of my American Women’s History courses). I was fascinated by the concept and how it is different but shares commonalities with blogging today.

  3. Megan permalink
    03.12.2008 5:36 am

    Heh. It’s a small internet, after all! I joined Gluebooks right after Thing-a-day but I’ve only posted one photo so far, really have to get around to taking photos of the rest of my pages…

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