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A hodge-podge of crafty



Today I:

  1. Shot a roll on my Holga
  2. Tried a new transfer technique
  3. Made another shrink plastic ring.

Here is a bit about each.


I brought the Holga along with me today and I finished off a roll without giving it too much thought. Tomorrow I will head to Duggal to have the roll processed. I have a feeling this roll will turn out as boring as the last roll. I never thought I would have to take time to court my camera and in order to learn about her likes and dislikes. That’s okay. I am kind of enjoying the courtship. I did solve the mystery of my camera’s non-working flash. The battery conductor thingy fell out of place, hence no circuit, hence no flash. I fixed it. Presto chango – a camera with flash that works!


I have been learning about different transfer techniques and I decided to try the clear packing tape process. I have to say, I was unimpressed. But I did decorate my crafty idea notebook as pictured above. I also realized that I have a lot more to learn about adhesives before I embark on my matchbook project. “What matchbook project,” you ask. All this crafting has finally given me the inspiration and the courage to work a piece of mixed media art. I am still hunting down my supplies. That process gets a post of its own in the future.


I finally made my last shrink plastic ring from the sheet I printed ages ago. I love making jewelry, but I am on hiatus until my birthday. My awesome crafting partner in crime has promised to get me a soldering tool so my pretty jewelry will stop falling apart! However, the shrink plastic ring does not require soldering tools so I finished up!

So that was my day in craft. It was not very fulfilling, but I ticked a lot off my to-do list.

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  1. Megan permalink
    03.17.2008 2:10 am

    I’ve just started playing with the tape transfer thing too – I think we must share at least part of a brain:)

    I had some trouble with it, but I think it’s mostly me, I’m either rubbing too hard & losing part of the image or not hard enough & leaving some of the paper on! I’m interested in hearing about the other transfer techniques you’ve been investigating, if you feel like sharing – do you know anything about solvent transfers?

  2. Lu permalink*
    03.17.2008 7:13 am

    Maybe I didn’t take off enough paper… that would explain it.

    I don’t really know about solvent transfers. I work inside my apartment – an apartment that is home to a baby and a cat – so I am staying away from the more stinky techniques until spring.


  1. Techniques « Lady Lulu’s Braindump Hut and Craftarium

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