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Tape Transfer.JPG

I have decided to spend more time learning and perfecting all sorts of “techniques.” The packing tape transfer technique went awry the other night, but I gave it another shot tonight with a more traditional glossy magazine image. Last time I used the cover of a Design Within Reach catalogue (read: fancy paper). It turned out okay, but note the fingerprints. I have got to avoid that in the future.

My other “technique” is, ummm…, not a technique so much as a skill(?). It has been a really long time since I used a film camera to take pictures, and it is time to refocus my photography eye.

This weekend I shot another roll on my Holga and I had it processed. I picked up the roll today. When I remembered to take the lens cap off, the pictures technically “came-out” (as in there was information on the negative). The subjects were so blech though. I hope to shoot in Central Park later this week. Maybe, just maybe, I will take a picture worth printing.

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