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GPP Street Team Crusade No. 18.


Stamps I Carved

I did it. I carved some stamps I am pretty happy with. If you have been following my blog, you will know this has been a tedious journey, but I have had quite a few supporters.

This morning I decided I would start fresh, again, and this time I would do components to make my own mechanical flying contraptions. I love fantastical flying machines. I made a hot air balloon, a basket, wings, and a propeller. Then I played around a bit with them in my crafty idea journal.

Hot air balloon stamps 1.jpg

I found the solid and simple components to be too heavy and flat when put all together (like in the center image) but I liked the look when the stamps are used as a “go-with” (like the flying corset).

Hot air balloon stamps 3.jpg

Then I decided to (quickly) try combining the stamp with a cut out image. I liked that. I also added some texture on the edges of the wings with a fine point Sharpie.

Hot air balloon stamps 2.jpg

Then I tried one more. I feel like all of these items are a little lame, but they do have potential. I may carve a little more texture into the wings, balloon, and basket; however, I just need to step away for the evening.

By the end of my stamp session I was covered in ink and was completely spacey. I sat down to do this project, beginning to end, this evening. I was suffering from extreme crafter’s tunnel-vision and exhaustion. My husband came home to a zombie. I may do more, and if I do, I will share. In the meantime, to see my other stamp trials and tribulations, check out these posts:

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For more on Crusade No. 18, click below.

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