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How I Work

I have said goodbye to our house guests and I am totally amped to get to work on my first 4×4. I am participating in this week’s 4 X 4 Friday challenge: Kings and Queens.

I am using this challenge to experiment with acrylic mediums. On tonight’s agenda, I am going to try and create a transfer with acrylic gel. In the meantime, I thought I would write a post about how I work…

First I get an idea. I hear Kings and Queens I think to myself “Who are my favorites…” and then I usually think something snarky or silly (because I am both snarky and silly). In this case my brain jumped quickly from Queen Elizabeth I to Divine to the borough Queens, Queen for a Day, to the queen of pop. I decided to work with all of that.

Then I begin to compile images. I prefer to scan or clip stuff I have lying about. In this case, however, after a brief perusal of my library, I turned to “the interwebs.” This hunting and gathering portion is usually followed up with a spin on Photoshop Elements (a program that I muddle through with no training or book). Today, after working on the computer, I emailed my husband and asked him to please print my photoshop image with the laser printer at his office (I need the sexy laser printout for transfers).

Then I showered.

As usual, I was in the shower and my brain kicked it into high gear and I had approximately a jillion and one ideas about what to do with my transfer once I make it. Apparently my muse hangs out in my shower (perhaps she is muse/mermaid); when I shower usually inspiration strikes. Needless to say, I spend a lot time after the shower wearing nothing but a towel on my head, jotting down notes. Today I had a hot pink marker next to my inkjet printout of my queens picture – I think the color is very apropos.

So then I make notes and go about my business until the next second I can work (baby asleep – check – materials – check – not a total zombie – check) and I usually plug on through until I either:

  • finish.
  • cry from being overtired.
  • pass out from the fumes of whatever toxic thing I have chosen to adhere stuff with this time.
  • ruin my project and realize I have to start from scratch… again.

Then I get back on the computer and blog about it.  Voila.  And that is how I work.  How do you work?

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  1. 03.31.2008 6:06 pm

    I loved reading your process, thanks for sharing it 🙂

    I don’t do challenges very often, but if I do, I sort of do what you do and think on it and see what pops up.

    Usually though, when I start a project, I just start fumbling through my stuff and let things fall into place. Sometimes I’ll adhere stuff without laying it out first, sometimes I’ll move things around and -then- adhere. Usually the latter, I think. I’m plagued my ideas, which is sort of a curse. There’s a million ways I could place that ribbon, and half of those ways would look great!

    And… that’s sort of it.

    I get ideas in the shower too. I think maybe its because the brain is doing something mundane, that everybody does. It gets tired of being so boring so it taps into its Creative Reserve that its been hiding from you in your times of need. See, it just comes out when it wants to, not when you’re desperate for it :-p

    I’ve had music come to me in the shower before, beautiful piano music usually. I’ve been teaching myself piano but I need to learn how to write it out somehow :-/

    So, the short of it all is: My art projects are all messy accidents that I must sort out :-p

  2. 04.01.2008 11:36 am

    Interesting, it will be very fun to see what you come up with in the end after this stage. I think I’m slower when doing a challenge, letting it linger in my brain for days before I sit down to start.

  3. yup, another sara permalink
    04.01.2008 3:53 pm

    I always feel as though I need a fair amount of time for projects to “gestate” in my head before I am ready to begin. I often find that I have been thinking about something for a while and suddenly it feels as though it just all comes together for me.

    I will also admit, however, that I am bad, bad, bad about starting things and not finishing them. This is something that I would like to change.

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