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Artsy Craftsy Blues…


gloria stencil did not work.jpg

So much of blues music is about the belief that one is truly alone; that you may have friends and family, but you arrived alone, and you leave alone, and you are often left alone. In college this really spoke to me. As an adult I have realized that I am blessed with an amazing family, some rockin’ friends, and digital cable, so I only have angsty tantrums occasionally. The last two evenings I have done just that. Silly, I know. I have just stumbled into walls with my projects while I am enmeshed in the zone (read – totally unable to pay attention to anything other than my project, even a desperate need to pee).


I am taking a break from my first 4×4. I successfully made an acrylic transfer (a tinted one at that) but I had nothing to transfer it to. I am also unhappy with the quality of my original images. Working from the internet is just not for me. I need to hunt down hard copies of my images, which should not be too hard, but will consume time I already spent doing some other random thing.

Then my brain meandered over to the fact that I am going to IKEA tomorrow, which means I can pick up all sorts of cheap-o stuff to personalize. Then I thought about GPP Street Team and the stencil challenge. So then I thought I would try out a stencil/Photoshop tutorial, forgetting that I do not have Photoshop, I have Elements! But I did make the neat-o image of my dear sweet wee-one that I shared above. This image would not work for a traditional stencil, but it would on my gocco.

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  1. 04.04.2008 7:47 am

    Check out this queen of the stencil. It could be inspiring.


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