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“But what’s her story?”


Collage Girl.jpg

I played with this collage today, but it is not going anywhere. At one point she wore a top hat. At one point she was purple. I printed her out and embroidered a bit but then tossed the embroidered girl. I realized I cannot figure out what to do next because I don’t know my girl’s story. Originally she was home after a party thrown in her honor, but I just don’t know…

What do you think her story is? Let me know in your comments.


Besides playing with my charming but storyless girl today, I also played with my very real and wonderful eleven-month-old girl. But when bedtime came, she was struggling to fall asleep. I went into her room to comfort her. We sat in the rocker and she reached to the side table next to the chair. She was reaching for Lambie, a little stuffed lamb that usually resides in her crib, but at this moment was perched on the table. I gave her Lambie and she clutched it to her chest and fell asleep on me right away. She has a favorite stuffed animal! She has never done something like that before. I, of course, wept a bit because I was so overcome with amorphous mommy-emotion.

I then decided to try and sketch out Lambie with my new fine point pens (on a discarded envelope – Happy Earth Day). My Lambie drawing is very cutesy for my taste, but that is what I drew. What will I do with you Lambie drawing? What will I do?

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  1. 04.23.2008 9:56 am

    Ahhhhhhh!! I Love that they attach to stuffed animals- so cute!! Kate is attached to “Birdie”…she even makes him wear a seat belt in the car. LOL

  2. 04.24.2008 6:17 pm

    She came home to a surprise birthday party only to find that the birthday party was a month late, hence the odd look on her face. She’s happy for the party but wonders if her friends and family forgot when her birthday was or maybe didn’t really care that much about throwing her a party so they did it on a whim.

    …. based slightly on a true story. A couple years ago, my MOM called me to wish me a happy birthday a month EARLY. The only time she’s called to wish me a happy birthday and she gets it WRONG! lol

    So you could make your pic into a fake birthday card sort of thing, or a face scrapbook/journal layout of her telling the story, and she included her pic 🙂

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