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Pride and Love. Love and Pride.


Gloria Invitation Back for blog

I spent a lot of time today thinking about and making the invitation for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. As I ran around Paper Presentation with various card stocks, envelopes and markers, a tiny voice from within asked, “Why don’t you just buy invitations?” That tiny little voice was paid almost no mind until I hit the street with two new markers, gold card stock, and “stardust” envelopes.

Without hesitating, I told that tiny little voice, “Because I love my little monkey and I am pouring that love into this party by making as much as I can with my hands.”

I dream about the day when my daughter hands me scribbles on a page and she says, “Mommy, I made this for you.” I remember handing my mom a picture I drew of her when I was little. She liked how I had drawn her permed chin-length hair. I was proud of my picture and I wanted to give it her because I loved her so much. But why do I connect giving someone something I am proud of with sharing my love for them?

(As I write this post, I am trying to sort out my emotional experience of making things for the people I love so please excuse any incoherent thoughts.)

What I now realize is:

  • When I am making something for someone I love, that love is poured into the project.
  • When I pour love into a project I am usually very proud of the end result.
  • When I am proud of the end result I am excited to share it with whomever the item is intended for.
  • When I am proud of an item I have made for someone else I feel as if it transmits the love I put into it.

Well now that I have written that out it seems silly but it also seems to be a personal truth.

Pictured above is digital image I will use to create the back side of the invitation (I am using flat cards rather than folded). I used the nightingale picture from the front of the card to tie the front and the back. I decided to use a digital font rather than hand stamping, scanning, and manipulating the text because I did not have a clear plan for wording or placement when I sat down.

The image has to be completely black and white, because I am going to use my gocco to print the back of the invitations, and for that to work you need to start with a black and white (no grey) image.  I love to use my gocco – I can hardly wait!

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