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I missed my scissors and glue.


Fortune - Take One

Holy cow! The last two weeks have been totally crazy and I am happy to return to my totally nutso routine, because frankly I could use a routine (nutso or not).

I was just itching to finish up my tribute to some of my favorite toys as a kid, teen, and adult – fortune telling novelties! I never did find my mini-Magic-8 ball, but when I do, I will just glue it to it’s rightful place on top.

I was sure to include just a little bit of everything (minus the Magic-8 and Ouija).

Fortune Display Bottom Detail Fortune Display Back
Bottom Detail; Back
Fortune Display Top Detail
Top Detail

I included the “gemstone” from a mood ring, one of those fortune tellers kids fold out of square paper, a palm reading chart, the super cool packaging from a Fortune Teller Miracle Fish (lining floor of inside), mini tarot, and horoscopes.

I love creating little interactive pieces like this one (which invites you to help yourself to a fortune). I like encouraging people to look and touch objects on display in my home. In February I created a display of small objects of (personal) importance. Some people look at it, moving their head to peek around objects, other people remove objects and then return them, and some people close the display lid, hiding the objects. I certainly don’t watch my guests to see what they do, but I always appreciate the different reactions when I do notice.

The fortune telling piece is hung in my guest bathroom. I thought people were more likely to appreciate it and help themselves to a fortune if they were in private. As I don’t have a medicine chest or cabinets in my guest bathroom, this will give my guests an alternative place to snoop!

_MG_2814 I also finally took a baby step toward my first altered book. I went through the cookbook I am altering and marked what subject I would be addressing on which pages. I have been having a hard time figuring out how to start and I think this “outline” helped me organize my thoughts enough that I have given myself loose boundaries in which to create. I am excited!

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  1. giffers permalink
    05.11.2008 8:21 am

    very kewl!!! Thanks for playing!

  2. 05.11.2008 11:41 am

    Wow!! That is impressive, I am speechless…

  3. Megan permalink
    05.12.2008 8:52 am

    That’s wonderful! I remember those fish fondly, and I love the mini tarot cards.

    I’m looking forward to watching your progress on the altered book, I love the work I’ve been seeing people do on those…can’t work up the nerve to try it myself though, it feels too much like sacrilege. Books are my religion! I’ll work up to it slowly, maybe check with me in decade or so:)

  4. yup, another sara permalink
    05.12.2008 12:03 pm

    I love the way this turned out and I can’t wait to use it when we come to visit in June!


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