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also known as a Non-Arts-and-Crafts-Related-Public-Service-Announcement…

What do you wear when you crawl into bed and go to sleep? Me, I tend to favor really, really, old beat to hell t-shirts and yoga pants. In fact, I have a t-shirt so tattered that wearing it is more obscene than just being nude. Each time I put it on, I hesitate.

I should have heeded those hesitations.

Last night, as I flew out of bed and grabbed the phone to call 9-1-1 to report that my carbon monoxide detector was going off, and I hugged the wee-one close to me and found shoes and jackets near the door, I was mortified that I was slowed down by having to figure out how to cover up once I left the privacy of my home! It’s embarrassing enough to be standing outside in the rain, looking rather pathetic in your pjs while the rest of NYC is going out to start their Friday nights, and not one, but two large firetrucks filled with gruff and serious firemen pull up in front of your house. Doing so, while holding your baby in front of you as a decency shield adds a new level of embarrassment. Fortunately I got my jacket closed over my shredded shirt before my neighbors invited my family and me in for cupcakes and hotwings – they were having a nice little shindig.

Our apartment was given the all clear and instead of cupcakes and hotwings, we brought wee-one back upstairs and gave her a bottle and we all went back to bed.

So this is a NACRPSA –

First, change your batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors twice a year – they may save your life – or at least save you from a false alarm on a Friday night.

Second, wear or keep by your bedside, sleepwear that you will not be either mortified or arrested for wearing in public.

You never know, this advice might save your life and your ability to show your face in public again!

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  1. yup, another sara permalink
    05.18.2008 12:44 am

    I was laughing as I imagined all this– I especially like the thought of baby as a modesty saver!

  2. David Stamm permalink
    05.18.2008 9:51 am

    Lady Lulu is to be commended most highly for leading our family’s emergency preparedness. I didn’t even know we had a CO detector until it went off!

    And yes, our nice neighbors actually did offer us hotwings and cupcakes. I wonder if it was a theme party of some sort?

  3. 05.20.2008 9:29 am

    I’m so relieved everyone is okay. Considering I sleep in the same type of gear, do NOT have a modesty protector (unless I grab a guinea pig) AND live in an area subject to tornadoes, I may go out and buy some comfy night shirts. Thanks for the cautionary tale.

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