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If It Would Please Your Royal Highness


Gloria Crown Front and Back with stamp

I finished the image for my crown for wee-one’s birthday today. After fiddling with it some more this morning, I returned it to its simpler state. Next week, the file will be available for free so anyone who wants a crown to call their very own, can have one!

I was originally going to embellish my crown, but I printed it out on Legion Somerset Photo Enhanced, White Matte Velvet Inkjet Paper and it looked so lovely without additions. This paper is AMAZING! You could see so much texture and detail in all the elements of the crown and the colors are rich, rich, rich! So the crown is staying “as-is.” I will post photos later.

I hope to return to work on my altered book either tonight or tomorrow.

On another note, some friends finished a goodbye visit with us. They are moving to Jordan/Iraq for a job with the UN. Now if anyone can use some good mail, it will be them. Does anyone have any experience with sending mail art internationally? Is there anything I should know about postage, packaging, etc?

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