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Apologetic Tutorial


Photo 15.jpg Photo 14.jpg

It can be said I stayed true to my challenge and I only bought some Crayola brand markers, construction paper and craft paint. But I have not made anything other than my quick doodle book, entitled, I *poorly drawn wagon in place of a heart* Fire Island. (The photo is backwards because I used my Macbook’s photobooth.)

After opening the house, playing with wee-one, shopping for supplies and taking the first steps in converting my uncle’s room into my daughter’s room, all I wanted was to drink chardonnay and to breathe in beach air while spacing out. In other words, I have yet to take the opportunity and inspiration out here to make much art.

To make it up to myself and you, I have included a brief “How-To” make your own simple book on the fly. I learned how by reading, Esther K. Smith’s How to Make Books: Fold, Cut & Stitch Your Way to One-of-a-Kind Book. You can make this book with whatever paper you have on hand (free flyers at local watering holes work well) and then you can fill it with a few notes and images about whatever moves you while you are waiting for your coffee/beer/soda.

Photo 16.jpg Start with a piece of paper. Any piece of paper you can fold will do.

Photo 17.jpg Fold it in half. It is a good idea to score all of your folds. Because you are at your local watering hole, use the edge of a dirty spoon!

Photo 18.jpg Then unfold your piece of paper and fold the right and left sides into the center (so that when you unfold it you have four even columns).

Then unfold it.

Photo 20.jpg Then fold it in half, top to bottom. Then unfold it. Return to the original fold in half.

Photo 29.jpg Because you have been scoring your folds you should be able to tear from the folded edge down to the next fold, making a slit in the center of your piece of paper. Of course, if you have scissors or other cutting implements (perhaps your watering hole is like the one in Roadhouse and you need to be armed or it is a crafting friendly watering hole and you are armed to craft) feel free to utilize them!

Photo 24.jpg Photo 25.jpg
Photo 26.jpg Photo 28.jpg

Then fold your paper in half the other way and push the ends toward each other. Fancy that, you have a book. In case you cannot read small, blurry, mirror writing, the title of the book I just made in this tutorial is, I Made A Book (now where’s my beer/coffee/soda?)

One nice thing about this book on the go is that it can also be used for quick and dirty copy-machine publishing. Make your folds, lay it out, copy, fold and cut each copy. Again, I got this wonderful idea (which is on my ever0 growing to do list) and many more from Esther K. Smith’s How to Make Books: Fold, Cut & Stitch Your Way to One-of-a-Kind Book.

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  1. Megan permalink
    05.31.2008 11:27 pm

    I like your little book! You can flip photo booth photos by selecting the picture & hitting COMMAND-F, or going to the Edit menu and choosing Flip Photo. And Edit has Auto-flip too, if you want it to flip all the pictures you take after that:)

    I helped cut hundreds of those little fold books once, as programs for a convention…not fun! It’s a nifty trick though:)

  2. 06.01.2008 1:46 pm

    Who IS this masked woman! Your online fans have never seen your face. It adds to your crafty mystery!
    How’s the little one enjoying the beach?

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