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Busy Busy Busy

As promised, with the wee-one and D. away for the day, I was able to take some time to get back in the creative groove.

I did some work to on my next page in my book project.

Altered Book Day 4

The colors look a bit washed out in this shot. I photographed the book outside in direct sun – oops. I want to add more depth to this spread. We shall see what happens next.

Planning My Book I also began work on my book for wee-one. I was inspired by Suzi Blu’s last video to actually try and draw (a loose representation of) wee-one and myself.

Finally I tried the GPP Street Team‘s latest crusade but my relief was too subtle – so I will have to try that again.

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  1. David Stamm permalink
    06.09.2008 2:17 pm

    I am blown away by the new pages from your book project, lady! And the drawings of you and our wee one made my day!

    The next time the little lady and I get pinkeye, I think you should send us to your mother’s so you can get more art done!

  2. yup, another sara permalink
    06.10.2008 10:05 am

    I love these projects but you are way hotter and hipper in real life than your drawing of yourself suggests!

  3. 06.10.2008 8:42 pm

    yup, Sara is right.

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