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She Sells Seashells by the Seashore


Summer Sea Shell Side 2 Seashell I painted Side 1 Seashell I Painted

As you may already know, I have not had much energy to make stuff lately, but this weekend I played with seashells at the beach. (I apologize for the quality of the pictures; they were taken with my phone.)

It is very common for children to sell painted rocks and seashells on the walkways of Fire Island. When I was a kid I sold silkscreened t-shirts (but that is a story for another day). Anyway I decided to pull out my cheap-o craft paints (that I bought last time I was out at the beach) and paint two shells I found on the beach. (The lady bug and flowers are two sides of the same shell.)

It was fun to just doodle on the shells. The “Summer” and accompanying hat were snipped from an old New York Times Book Review that I was using to protect my work surface. I was pleased with my results, but I was so tired that even this project was a challenge.

It is 9:03pm and I am off to bed.

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