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I Just Happen to Buy Stuff While Seeking Inspiration…


Anthropologie Display

One thing that is certain about me is that I like to buy pretty things. Oh lord, I love pretty clothes and pretty shoes and pretty housewares and pretty bags and pretty stationary and pretty produce. And I love to buy them.

In the past decade I have become much better about consumption of all things pretty and learning how to appreciate things without buying them. Now I can even window shop without fear of being sucked in through a store’s front door into a vortex of unnecessary consumption. And that is a good thing because I find some of my greatest inspiration from store displays.

I was at Anthropologie last week buying a quilt (that I picked out online beforehand because I actually needed a king size quilt) and I noticed throughout the housewares section, displays made by folding pages of books. They were everywhere – in different shapes and sizes. I loved the way they looked grouped together. I think it is something I may try in my own home.

At first I felt foolish when I realized that some of my greatest inspiration comes when I am shopping or just running errands here in New York, but then I realized how wonderful that truly is. I certainly spend more time running errands and schlepping up and down Fifth Avenue, then I spend wandering the halls of the Met. Why not seek inspiration while en route to the office or picking up my dry cleaning? I just have to remember to keep my wallet closed!

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  1. 06.18.2008 5:00 pm

    Because you live in one of…if not THE…best place in the world! 🙂

  2. yup, another sara permalink
    06.18.2008 8:36 pm

    That is a really cool idea (the books). I love the thought of going out into the world to find inspiration– it makes art accessible.


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