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All the Promise of a New Box of Crayons



My mother surprised me with 120 Crayola Crayons this week. I thought this was an awesome gift! Every time I open a new box of crayons and that waxy scent fills my nose and the bold colors in that distinct cone shape comes into sight, I feel a sense of promise, but of what, I am not sure.

New school supplies always invoked a promise to help me do better this year, be more organized, and get good grades. New shoes tend to promise to help me make an entrance. But I am not sure what promise new crayons give me – but the feeling is huge.

The feeling is a giddy excitement and the sense that dreams will be realized. As a child, I used crayons to draw new worlds, and create unique things – like unicorn fashion magazines (that would be a magazine dedicated to the life and style of unicorns).

This gift came at a perfect time. I am feeling completely unmotivated to “create.” I think I will put any big and thought provoking work to the side for now and focus more on projects like Sake and nautical jewelry. If a new box of crayons does anything for you, it should remind you to simply have some fun.

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  1. yup, another sara permalink
    07.02.2008 9:53 am

    I really love a new box of crayons too– as you said, they just make everything seem so possible. I also feel this way about new school supplies. I certainly hope that you are going to do some coloring!

  2. 07.02.2008 10:06 am

    A unicorn fashion magazine is the best idea ever. I would carve an hour out of my week to see a show dedicated to the unicorn “O-9ers” vs their scrappier counterparts who live in the dark forest. All Hail Crayons!

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