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Fourth of July Flea Market Find


I love flea and antique markets. They are always filled with trash/treasure – one of my favorite categories of thing. But I live in NYC which means I almost never make a big score – a treasure for cheap. But this weekend, my flea market dream came true.

Jose Portrait
I was in upstate New York hanging out with the alpacas, near Woodstock, and I attended a small flea market. I bought:

The Home Garden and Poodle Scrap

  • A copy of the October 1944 The Home Garden (For chopping and pasting)
  • A poodle scrap (More glue fun)

  • Japanese Wind-Up Blue Jay

  • A Japanese metal bird toy (A colorful addition to my mantel)
  • Dominoes

  • Dominoes (For toppling)
  • This amazing and complete hand stamping kit used for sign making.

Totally Awesome Stamp Kit
Totally Awesome Stamp
I got the kit for $20, which although not a total score in the price department for a true flea market shopper, not bad for a girl who rarely gets a deal.

When I brought it home my husband said, “It’s a beautiful object used to make beautiful things.” He is right, and that is why I fell in love with it. I plan to use the tools, but also keep them on display in my living room (until little fingers can reach it). What sort of flea market finds have you found?

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  1. David permalink
    07.07.2008 9:06 pm

    I’m a mega-nerd, so I go to flea markets to find used books and used vinyl records. Used records go for about a dollar a piece, and they are a great inexpensive way to explore new music. Avant-garde Icelandic music for accordian and brass? Why not!

    My greatest find was a recording of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, performed in its entirety, with Felix Mendelssohn’s incidental music performed by the BBC Symphony. The album proclaims itself to be “a new orthophonic high fidelity recording”. Freakin’ sweet!

  2. 07.08.2008 9:13 am

    I love the stamp set. It’s just a beautiful looking thing. I look forward to whatever products this inspires!

  3. yup, another sara permalink
    07.08.2008 3:15 pm

    I love, love, love all things flea market and garage sale. You guys should definitely try to come up and visit for Brimfield this year– you would love it! I have bought too many things at flea markets to mention– I just love the thrill of the hunt. I also love your new stamps– I think $20 is a great price!

  4. 07.08.2008 7:10 pm

    I think the best thing I found at a flea market was… well, it’s cheating because Lady found it FOR me, I wasn’t even there. But she got me an awesome metal bright orange cabinet that I use as a bar. It rocks.

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