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Challenge: Take a Walk on the Other Side


I often find myself in SoHo. I am usually running an errand when I am there. I take the subway to Spring Street and Sixth Avenue and then I walk east on the north side of the street. But today was hot and I had over two hours to kill. I walked east, but I walked on the shady side of the street, the south side of the street.

Metropollitan Lumber

My route takes me past Metropolitan Lumber – a large lumber supplier and hardware store. It is on the north side of the street and all I ever noticed about it is the crowded sidewalk in front of the store. Well from the south side of the street, I noticed the awesome mural that covers the facade of the building. Needless to say, I snapped a picture to share it with you.

If you routinely take a walk – the same exact walk – I challenge you to change it ever so slightly, like I did today. Without fail, when I do that, I spy something new.

In other news, after a couple hours of tedious work, the toy box finally looks like something I would make for you.

Box in Progress

Box in Progress

The words are selections cut from a copy of Alice in Wonderland. I knew I wanted to add text from a classic children’s story along the edges of my toy box, and Alice’s fantastic story seemed like a perfect choice for my box about toys and play.

Box in Progress

I spiced up the dull base of the box with some of my favorite instructions from childhood, “cut along the dotted line.” Unsurprisingly, I loved to cut stuff up as a kid. I also did some coloring in on the bingo card (I still doodle by coloring in words and numbers on anything). I added some stars glitter glue too.

Toy box still needs cleaning and touch-ups and probably some more work on the outside. After that, it will be ready for you. Remember to comment on my 101st post to have your name put in my hat for the toy box giveaway.

Psst… This is post number 99.

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  1. 07.16.2008 12:12 am

    Hi Lady Lu, great blog. Thanks for commenting on mine so I could find yours! I saw you halftone self portrait a few posts back. That is the kind of thing I’ve been playing with in my Gocco prints. I’m sure you will get something good, have a go!

  2. 07.16.2008 2:45 pm

    Great collages below! Love the color, Love the style!

  3. yup, another sara permalink
    07.22.2008 8:17 am

    This looks awesome!!


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