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Pimp My Picnic Table (Part Two)


I just finished my post-beach ritual of take-out and television on the couch with my husband. Now I can write.

I spent the weekend at the beach which meant I spent time prettying up my plain Ikea pint-sized picnic table.

Picnic Table

I used the butterfly stencil to paint two butterflies. In the end, they looked like very traditional stencils.  I only like to use traditional stenciling in non-traditional ways.

Butterfly 2 In Progress

Now, if I was really going with my artistic (read: campy) gut, this picnic table project would involve:

  1. Purple
  2. Flocking
  3. Pom-poms
  4. Glitter Glue
  5. Pin-Up Girls
  6. Something Shiny and Red
  7. Rhinestones

However, this is to be a usable piece of outdoor furniture fit for a toddler. I don’t think that a vat of polyurethane and a real clever explanation could make gut vision work. So instead of following my John Waters inspired instincts, I filled in some of the gaps in the butterfly that are the tell-tale markings of a stencil in order to make the butterflies look more freehand.

I am happy with the end result.

Two butterflies is as far as I got, but I am heading back to the beach for 5 days real soon so hopefully by the end of that time, I should have a finished bench to share.

On another beach inspired creative note, I picked up this lovely Radio Flyer bed from someone’s trash this morning as my husband, wee-one, and I made the daily morning walk to pick up bagels and the paper.

Red Wagon

I am not sure what I am going to do with it. Wagons are a way of life on Fire Island. Since there are no cars, everyone pulls their loads around in a wagon. Creative/entrepreneurial kids sell painted shells, handmade jewelry, and tasty treats out of their family wagons. Some people turn their old wagons into planters. Others leave them for trash.

I left my trash/treasure out at the beach in hopes of a bit of inspiration, but I think I will bring it back to NYC with me after my next trip. Out there, wagon art is common. A wagon planter in NYC however is sorely out of place, and therefore more appealing to me. Any thoughts about what to do with my rusted and bent find? (I guess this would not make an excellent replacement for my end tables that were banished for being a child deathtrap.)

Tomorrow includes a chicken pox vaccine for wee-one and hopefully the finishing touches on toy box.  I plan to draw the name for toy box next week.  In the meantime I wanted to thank you for all of your lovely comments.

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  1. David Stamm permalink
    07.28.2008 9:47 am

    I love the turn of phrase “a vat of polyurethane and a real clever explanation”. And I love this picnic table! I also love that wee one’s feet dangle above the ground when she’s sitting at it.

  2. yup, another sara permalink
    07.28.2008 9:51 am

    Rockin’ picnic table! I can’t wait to see what you do with the wagon bed!

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