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Working Messy and in the Dark


I have been busy making lots of failed projects in the past few days. Today I struggled with Toy Box, only to scrap my work after I began to write a post about how unhappy I was with what I had done. I think I know how to fix that mess though.

Then I took on and failed a painted guerrilla clip project.

I have also been struggling with my blog redesign. Lest you think I am a lazy bum, I have made some progress in the form of my new banner:

Lady Lulu Banner

And the progress I scrapped on Toy Box will be the jumping off point for a future box.  But man has it been frustrating!

One problem I often have is that I work messy and so my execution can suffer.  Today, my world looked as if Harold got to it with his purple crayon.  Purple everywhere.

Another problem I have is that once the sun goes down, all the lighting I have to work with is overhead lighting.  I am constantly working in my own shadow – not figuratively either.  That is why my photos so often look weird.  I need to remedy that situation immediately.

So I guess I am feeling down in the dumps about my work today – but also hopeful because I have new ideas too.  On that note I am going to hit the sack and have sweet dreams of a clean and well-lit home.

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  1. yup, another sara permalink
    07.31.2008 12:00 pm

    The new header looks awesome! One thing that I admire so much about you is that you have this great ability to try things and fail– that is huge because so many people refrain from trying anything that they don’t know they will be excellent at (which means they don’t explore and invent).

    You are my crafting hero!

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