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You’ve Got Letters



Today was a hot, hot day and my love affair with wood burning has been tempered. Standing in the sun in a swimsuit, dripping beads of sweat onto my picnic table, I finished up my wood burning. It was pretty awful, but I am behind. Today was polyurethane day one, so I needed to finish up the doodles.

Do you know what is worse than wood burning in the hot, hot sun? Polyurethaning in the hot, hot sun. I cannot believe that I have to apply another coat tomorrow. Polyurethane is vial and stinky and toxic. I generally avoid projects that require stinky and toxic processes. But soon wee-one will have her fantastic wee-table.

This evening I decided to take myself up on my challenge for the summer and I made a little project without running to the store. I used three sheets of 18 X 12 inch drawing paper, a sewing kit, a pair of scissors, school glue, and a red marker to make a little letter book.

I have been seeing lots of lettering books around on the tubes that make up the interweb. I have also read (and identified with) numerous blog posts about people hating their handwriting. So I decided to make a little booklet to write out different alphabets (a personal favorite doodle motif during my school days). As I was making the booklet (with a simple pamphlet stitch) I noticed the shadows on the bright white paper and was inspired to make a freehand pop-up alphabet.

I also added my backwards alphabet. Not only can I say the alphabet backwards (in Spanish too), I can write in perfect mirror writing. I turned in an english paper in entire mirror-writing once. Kind of snarky eh?

I plan to fill this book with pretty little alphabets!

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  1. Lyn permalink
    08.01.2008 11:23 pm

    Hi Lady Lulu! Pls check your e mail inbox – I sent you something which you may be interested in. It is somewhat urgent =D.
    And loving the book idea!

  2. 08.25.2008 6:16 am

    What a cool book page, pop-up-letter! I want to see the whole thing and your different alphabets! It sounds like a neat idea I think!

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