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Playing with Fire Breathing Dragons


I spent this morning working on one of my two current projects. Like the picture book for wee-one, I have the opportunity to help tell another story by making pictures – these are going to be moving pictures!

Must husband and his friend Kristian, are working on an animated short film featuring a papa and a baby dragon. Although I have no idea if my dragon creations will be used I thought I would like to take a stab at designing them.

I busied myself on the plane to the prairie last week by sketching out my dragons. Now mind you, I don’t consider drawing a talent of mine, nor have I ever drawn a dragon, nor have I ever been much of a dragon person. But what they hey, I came up with these:

Working on a Project 1

Working on a Project 2

I got some feedback from my husband – Kristian is camping and has no idea I am playing with fire-breathers – and I made some changes to their faces accordingly.


Finally, I got to work on drawing my dragons the way I know best – with a pair of scissors and a gluestick. I have made this much progress:


I am very happy with my dragon buddies and I am also pleasantly surprised. I think they actually look like dragons – which feels like a major accomplishment. I am also excited by the prospect of helping someone tell a story visually. One could even say I am giddy!

Have a lovely weekend folks.

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  1. 08.23.2008 1:04 pm

    Dude, where’d the last two photos go? I can’t believe you saw my fave foreigners! (Sorry, we was out to dinner, and now Sara has a cold and I am trying to let her rest by only doing things that are completely silent, like reading books.) I will call you soon though, I want the update on you and me and everyone we know. 🙂

  2. 08.24.2008 8:58 pm

    Sounds like an amazing project – and great start!


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