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Make Time to Make Stuff


Saturday was long, long, long and did not feel very fun, fun, fun. Wee-One was a crazy, teething, sniffling, nay-saying toddler.  (She still is today.)   I would say that overall, I was a grumpy train-wreck like my daughter.  However, I did actually manage to practice my metal cutting.  I cut this cool guitar pick shape. Due to a glue mishap, my cutting was off and man, are curves difficult to file nicely!

Copper Guitar Pick Shape

I also picked up an Art Bin for $13.99 at DaVinci Art Supply.  My Kennedy Center tote bag was not suitable for protecting curious toddlers from saw blades and files

Finally, after numerous temper-tantrums from me and mine, I sat down and put some jewelry designs in my sketchbook – which I had deemed my “Bling Book.” I also quickly worked up a design for a disapproving old-lady dragon for D and Kristian’s animated short. I have yet to pick out her paper palette.

Cranky Old Lady Dragon

Finally, instead of going to bed early like a smart lady, I stayed up until 11pm and personalized my Bling Book.

"Bling Book"

After I got in bed, I kept getting up and writing down additional design ideas.  Perhaps I should keep my sketchbook on my bedside table…

Needless to say, Sunday I was very tired, but I am happy that I got to spend time making stuff.  Make stuff – make happy.

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