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Yesterday, during my shopping/inspiration trip with my classmate from my jewelry design class, I had to resist my innate impulse to purchase all sorts of thingamabobs, doo-dads, and whozits.  In fact, I have spent the last 5 days resisting my general collecting impulse.

My classmate, who observed my immense restraint in the bead and trimmings stores that populate the garment district, noted that if you are a creative person who makes objects it is inevitable that you wind up collecting.  She believes that if you can see potential in objects, it is near impossible to pass them by.  I believe what she believes is quite believeable.

I spent my Labor Day climbing over and under boxes of stuff in storage my mother and I could not part with and/or should not part with that used to belong to my grandmother.  (Collecting.) There were a few things I could not resist bringing home.  Pictured above is the selection of children’s books that were my mother’s and uncle’s, and  my grandmother kept them.  (Collecting.) (*Note – it appears I was genetically predisposed to love Eloise so much so the binding falls apart.)

I also brought home some toy cars I used to ram into everything.

This past Sunday, I went to a recently discoverd weekly antique fair in my neighborhood.  I managed to only pick up an old map of Manhattan which I will be incorporating in my book project.  But there was so much stuff I wanted.

Tuesday, was the jewelry shopping trip.  I managed to only pick up what I needed – a handle for my file, a non-hokey seahorse charm, and a brass chain. Again, I passed by so many shiny, pretty baubles.

I am amazed with myself.  So much so I am bragging about it to you.

What do you collect?

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  1. yup, another sara permalink
    09.03.2008 4:15 pm

    Congratulations! Learning to pass things by (especially shiny, pretty things) is no small feat. It is definitely something that I am still working on myself.

  2. 09.05.2008 1:32 pm

    Oh I love your shopping finds – these are so lovely. They would look amazing on a bookshelf, framed…just about anywhere.

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