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No Time Like the Present


Photo 83.jpg
More like not enough time in the present.

After a morning into the afternoon length excursion to the zoo that included a long walk home due to a snoozing tot in the stroller, I spaced out until 8pm.  Then I decided I must heed to the need to cut metal.

At about 9pm I began furiously sketching out jewelry designs in my “bling book” based on the skills I am going to be taught in my intro to jewelry design class.  My second session (not to mention second to LAST session) meets tomorrow and I am stressed out because I have sooooo many ideas and I am afraid I will never be able to learn the techniques necessary in the next two classes.

It is imperative I learn how to:

A. make a bail (different from making bail)

B. etch into the metal

C. darken areas of said metal

D. punch holes in said metal

E. make holes of different shapes in the aforementioned metal

It just seems like an awful lot of techniques.  I guess they will build on each other.  Well I am off to have sweet dreams of files and saws and bench pins.  Good night.

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  1. 09.07.2008 10:34 pm

    HILARIOUS!!!!! Also different from jumping bail. LOL

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