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Setting Up My Mini-Studio (Step 1)


The movers did their moving thing today and I now have ample (actually, just enough) storage space for my various art supplies.

_MG_4331.JPG _MG_4332.JPG


The two pieces belonged to my grandmother, whom my regular readers know is a major source of art, design, and lifestyle inspiration.  After she passed away, I was sure to carefully pack up all of her mid-century modern furniture and place it in storage for future use.  I always assumed these were “danish modern” pieces.  It turns out they were manufactured by Baker Furniture.

They make fine, fine art supply storage wherever they were made.  Now I just have to somehow find my perfect work table.  It needs to be high enough to keep away curious hands, small enough to fit in my space, yet large enough for me to work at it!  I am going to check out a bunch of used office furniture dealers in my neighborhood but I think the top contender is actually a butcher block or other free standing kitchen island…

*Swoosh*  I have put on my mom-cap and I am out the door!

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