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I am sitting in a quiet and dark living room and I know that I am surrounded by toys strewn all over the floor and I am wondering where the hell the time went.  I do not mean anything grand.  I simply mean, time flew today as it does most days.

I had a wonderful day.  I kept Wee-One home to ensure that she is all better sooner.  We played quite a bit.  She napped, I glued, and then my friend stopped by for an adult playdate.  We walked around my neighborhood and ate cookies.  I came home.  Wee-One entertained herself as I tried and did not quite succeed at recreating my grandmother and aunt’s lahem ageen. We had cuddles and bathtime and bedtime.  And now it is dark and I have yet to make dinner, reset the toys, and finish the simple project I had started during nap time.

In addition, my glasses are filthy.

Along the same time-lines (no pun intended), I have decided that I will open an Etsy shop before Thanksgiving.  I am tired of making things for me and many of you have asked if I do commissions or would sell any of my work.  So yes.  I will consider commissions and I will be making things and selling them.  It is time.

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  1. 09.24.2008 10:55 pm

    The lives of mothers are oh so similar no matter where we are on this earth.


  2. yup, another sara permalink
    09.25.2008 7:54 am

    cool! I can’t wait for your Etsy shop!

  3. 09.25.2008 10:58 am

    Hey- congratulations on opening up your etsy shop! And Susan is 100% correct!

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