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Twice a week I head to West 46 Street between 5 Avenue and 6 Avenue.  This block is also known as Little Brazil Way because of the plethora of Brazilian dining options to choose from.  Sadly I have not had the opportunity to eat on 46 Street.  Instead of a belly full of steak, I leave with a bag full of beads, findings, and chain.

After checking out some of the bazillion places to buy baubles and jewelry making supplies in Manhattan, I like many other New Yorkers, have settled on Metalliferous and Beadiliferous for my jewelry making supplies.

Metalliferous and it’s neighbor, Beadiliferous, are located on the second floor of a small building, in the middle of an overcrowded block.  In case you do not feel claustrophobic already, when you walk into Metalliferous you are immediately surrounded by tools and books and chemicals and totally unidentifiable yet interesting looking items.  If you take a moment to get your bearings, you will certainly be in another patron’s way. They have EVERYTHING and there is only a small amount of room for customers; and because they have EVERYTHING there are always plenty of customers. Metalliferous is crowded from floor to ceiling with stuff I always seem to “need,” and people I wish were shopping elsewhere.

The large staff is comprised of a number of very knowledgeable, helpful, and quirky characters which means during every trip I always learn something new while being entertained.  And if you need something jewelry related (as long as it is not gold), and it exists, they have it.  You may not be able to locate it in the maze of metal and tools on your own, but a quirky clerk will always help you find it.

Once I have paid for all of my tools, books, bits of metal, and findings, I squeeze my way out of Metalliferous and walk through the door adjacent, and take a deep breathe as I enter the much more tranquil Beadilferous.  It is a bead store and it has quickly become my favorite.  It is well-lit, organized, and has a huge selection.  It is also usually a little more empty than Metalliferous.  Thank heavens.

I love Metalliferous, but it is crazy.  I try to go with a list.  If you are in New York City and you like to work with metal, it is definitely worth a stop.  Even though it can be overwhelming if you are not prepared, it is an inspiring local resource.  However, I know many of you are not local, but their online store is open and has received stupendous reviews, so shop away without an anxiety attack from the comfort of your own home.

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