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Everything Old is New Again


I love taking traditional anythings (techniques, furniture, design) and putting a modern spin on them.  For example, I love making silhouettes.  Back in February I created these thank you notes for gifts for my daughter.

Gloria Cards Drying

Silhouettes have a graphic design quality, therefore it is easy to put a modern spin on them.

I printed the cards with royal blue ink on white cards.  I thought the bright and bold color combination would add a modern flair to the silhouettes.

This weekend I made these:

Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair Family Silhouettes

These are my new Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair Family Silhouettes!

In this case, like a traditional silhouette, the chairs are actually cut out and not printed.  I also chose to use an oval frame which feels more traditional in its shape and style.  To modernize my silhouettes I created them with a black and gold palette and the mid-century modern subjects are inherently modern.

You like? Look for a tutorial later this week on creating silhouettes of whatever strikes your fancy.  Other things I considered were a peppermill, a french press, and a pencil.  (Psst… I cheat, I don’t just cut out the image by sight.)

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