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In my last post I mentioned that I would be heading to The Bust Craftacular on Sunday, capping off two weeks of awesome arts and crafts shows.  However, the Bust Craftacular went on without me and that is just fine.  In fact it was more than fine.

David, Wee-One and I got there 10 minutes after it opened and we headed to the back of a long line.  I was all prepared to hunker down, be patient, and get our gift bags as payment for getting up and out early for a New York Sunday.  We were ready to wait.  Well, David and I were.  Wee-One did not feel like sitting more than 10 minutes in her stroller without moving.  So I let my toddler free.  I figured we could walk up and down the length of the line, while David held our place.  Wee-One has only been walking about 6 weeks, so I foolishly thought, “How far can she go with me in tow?”  Well the answer is quite far and she never wanted to turn back, like her momma, she just wanted to barrel forward.

She laughed and screamed and smiled as she walked unassisted down the sidewalks of New York.  This was no time for waiting and craft shows, this was a time for outside, urban adventures!  So I yelled back to David to get off the line and we ALL WALKED to brunch!

We had a fancy second breakfast two long blocks west of the Craftacular.  Wee-One trucked there with a few spills on cracked sidewalks, but with each fall she would get back up and keep going!  She was clearly excited and proud of herself.  No craft show (even with awesome schwag) could top the joy of watching your little love be so happy and proud of herself.  None.


Today is the last day to enter Susan Tuttle’s book giveaway! I have had her book, Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations for ages now (even though it was just released in bookstores and online.) Susan Tuttle inspired me to teach myself digital collage and I love to read her blog which she fills with the most gorgeous photos that capture bits of her life in Maine.

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  1. 12.15.2008 5:16 pm

    Wow, look at her go! Very exciting times.

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