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Stayed Up Late


It is late for me… 11:22pm.  I stayed up to start my “what the hell do I want to be if I grow up now that I have stopped denying my creative needs” journal.  I stamped out the prompts given in The Creative Entrepreneur, and answered them freely.  It was all going smoothly until I was asked, “what do you want to accomplish?”  That has been my unanswered question throughout my adult life.  It is buried under so much self-doubt that it is going to take a metaphysical demolition crew to unearth the answer.

I suppose some people would think it is strange that I share these sort of thoughts in my very public blog.  I know many people are surprised that I do share my failed projects as well as my successes.  This blog started as a way to keep me on the path to developing a creative habit that I desperately needed to create a sense of self fulfillment.  In order to keep going I had to share everything, not just my successes.  I did that because I fear failure and the best way to overcome my fear is to publicly make minor failures.

I have learned it is not that bad.  In the past few months I have had less to write about because I was cranking out jewelry for my trunk shows.  Now that the holidays have passed and we have entered a new year, this blog will change a little too.  I have my creative habit – now I want to see where it will go and I want to share that journey with you.

I will still make you laugh at/with me and I will share whatever projects I have decided to take on and resources I find, but I will also be writing about this little jewelry business I have started and where it goes. Up and down.  I will continue to tell you how I have failed and how I have succeeded.  Part of that involves sharing my “what the hell do I want to be if I grow up now that I have stopped denying my creative needs” journal as I work through it.

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  1. 01.02.2009 10:52 am

    I don’t know….I have no idea what I want to accomplish and no desire to write goals down…I know..I’m going to hell…

    No rest for the wicked, dear, your second busiest jewelry selling holiday is fast approaching….43 days. 🙂

  2. 01.02.2009 8:54 pm

    I just loved reading about your journal. I was laughing and nodding sagely when reading the first paragraph and saying “ditto” to myself. I will be really interested to read of your highs and lows as you meet them. Afterall we all have them, I’m convinced. No matter how accomplished we are.

  3. 01.03.2009 9:32 am

    What a beautiful page and pen Laura, love it and the prompts too! do one need to know what one wants to accomplish with this life? and if so, does it have to be profound and beautiful and do good to all the world? eek, I’m so not feeling I’ll ever know or do that. and I think you, who is raising a child, is way ahead of doing something accomplished/good! 🙂 hugs!

  4. 01.04.2009 2:34 am

    You have learned so much and what a great evaluation to get you started on the new year. Love that book by the way too.

  5. 01.06.2009 3:53 am

    Hi, I’m a new reader and I love your blog. On my way to check out your etsy store. I’m putting a link on my blog so I don’t forget where you are! Thanks for sharing your art.


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