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Asleep at the Keyboard


My goodness I am busy and exhausted. I have a million and two things to do this week. In some sleep-deprived fervor Saturday night I came up with three new lariat designs.

Citrine, Peridot and Oval Lariat

This lariat simply ties and hangs long, long, long. (32″ end to end to be exactish. ) It is sterling silver, citrine, and peridot. (My jewelry making partner in crime/model does not know yet, but she has some serious modeling to do!).

Onyx and Peridot Lariat

This lariat hangs a few inches from the wearer’s collarbone. It is 19″ long. It is sterling silver, onyx, and peridot. I even hid a bit of peridot inside the onyx. Not too shabby!

Smokey Quartz and Pearl Lariat

I have taken to wearing this third lariat daily. It is 18.5″ inches long. It is sterling silver, pearl, and smokey quartz.

They are $48, $22 and $22 respectively. I have yet to list these on Etsy, but if you are interested, post a comment or send me a quick email at

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