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Thing-A-Day 3!


A lot of people ask me how I wound up being among the legion of crafty bloggers or how I got into jewelry making, and my answer is, “Thing A Day 2.”  Last February I was determined to break out of my lackluster life rut.  I heard about this great project called Thing A Day.  The creators of Thing A Day have this to say about their project:

Join artists and creators of all types and backgrounds in a collective creative sprint. Thing-a-day invites you to join a daily creative endeavor where everyone who signs up commits to making one thing (project, sketch, exercise) per day and shares it online on this collective blog. Take advantage of the opportunity to share ideas and receive constructive advice while developing new work.

I was apprehensive, but I read on to learn there is nothing competitive about it, and no one will hold you to your commitment other than yourself.  The idea is to simply encourage people to spend 20 minutes to an hour each day making ANYTHING (including dinner.) I participated and was successful in making something each day.  I decided just to try whatever struck my fancy.

This was my first post:
Picture 1.jpg

This was my last post:
Picture 9.png

If you want to check out my posts that I made in between, check out my author page from the Thing A Day blog. You will find my first foray into jewelry, a Hugh Hefner tribute candle, giraffe themed items for my wee-tot, and excellent football food recipes among my various projects.  The projects are interesting, but what was more amazing was how I moved from a couch potato who ate only take-out and dreamed up exciting projects to a productive woman who seized upon creative ideas and allowed herself to succeed and (more importantly) to fail.

I recommend Thing-A-Day 3 to anyone trying to cultivate a creative habit. It worked for me.  I will be doing it again this year.

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  1. 01.22.2009 11:01 am

    I agree – sounds like a great way to get out of creative rut. Will look into this!

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