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Haste Makes Waste.

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Image from Oh Joy!

After graduate school I was paid to tell nonprofit managers that they need to create a strategic plan for their organizations and their programs.  I sung the gospel of planning.  I loved planning.  Still do, in theory.

Everything I have been reading on starting my own small craft business says I must create a business plan before I go any further and I agree 100%.  But now I have more compassion for all of those overworked and committed nonprofiit managers – I feel like I don’t have time to plan.  I don’t want to stop what I am doing for one second – even though doing so n0w will most certainly prevent headaches later.

So far I have written thus:

“The Craftarium – Business Plan”

Hmmm… I think I have quite a ways to go.  Maybe after I make one more piece of jewelry…

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  1. 01.26.2009 10:43 am

    I would love to start my own business one day too, and I’m not looking forward to all the writing and planning. I just want to create! I say hang in there, devote time each day to your plan and mix with others in your same situation.

  2. Simone permalink
    01.30.2009 3:13 pm

    I got this book b/4 Christmas and it’s still sitting unopened on my shelf. Sadness. I’m blogging about Thing-a-day right now and linked to you.

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