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Calder Jewelry at The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Yesterday I did something I rarely do.  I went to the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  One (of many) of New York’s greatest cultural institutions resides inconveniently uptown – The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Among the current special exhibitions going on right now, there is an exhibition of about 90 pieces of jewelry Alexander Calder made (mostly for friends and family.)  Throughout his life, Calder made approximately 1800 pieces of highly coveted jewelry from gold, brass, and silver.

The exhibition is hidden in the remote modern wing of the Met – I place I have not been to in ages.  I loved meandering through the Met with my friend M.  It was a nice change of pace from the usual daily activities.

The exhibit was lovely.  Each piece was playful and distinctly Calder.  One of the brooches even featured a tiny mobile.  M and I agreed that many of his head pieces could be reinterpreted for little children who wanted to dress up as fairies and wood nymphs.

If you love modern jewelry, but can’t get to the Met, I highly recommend the exhibit catalog, which is a magnificent and beautiful book.  In addition to the exhibition catalog, the Met also produced some lovely and more wearable pieces of jewelry based on Calder’s works and a wire art jewelry kit for crafty kids.

Calder Jewelry will be open until March 1, 2009.

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