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Thank You


I have received a few emails and shout-outs about how I inspired folks who were looking to be more creative in their daily life, to take on Thing A Day.  I am truly touched that my public confessional craft blog has motivated loved ones, e-friends, and previous lurkers to get out there and make stuff publically.

Public creating is scary for many people.  In fact, one of the craft bloggers to whom I look for inspiration, Hanna Andersson, posted about that very topic today.  I started my blog as a way to force myself to create publicly for both the praise and the experience of failing while people were looking.  My blog was all about me.  But after awhile I kept blogging hoping to inspire other like minded individuals to get out there and be creative.   I guess my constant yammering worked.  Hooray!

So thank you to those who have taken the time to let me know I got under your skin; and thank you to all of you who have helped me along the way.

By the way, I am now on Twitter.  If you care to, just follow thecraftarium.

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  1. 02.05.2009 8:21 pm

    what a wonderful post — it’s all about the sharin’ — you are so right on.

    thanks again for your kind words and support regarding my son — they mean a lot!

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