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She’s Making a List


She's Making A List .jpg
This morning as I showered, I got going on my internal list of projects to take on and craft related things to do. Some are top secret! Some are old ones I prattled on about a bit already. Previous prattling or none such prattling, I felt it would be useful to post them in list formation today.

  1. Clock project – I am going to makeover an Ikea clock for my studio.
  2. Get my DBA!
  3. Find out more about catalogs/look-books.  I have been asked for these items a couple times.
  4. Find out more about pricing for selling in stores
  6. Nap more.  Oh wait, that is a different list.
  7. Make a thank you card for a friend who deserves a thank you card.
  8. Play more with Photoshop. (See photo above. I did this today.)
  9. Get the ball rolling on top secret project.
  10. Figure out what I am contributing to the NewNew Book.

I think that’s it.  This post has made me feel very tired. Unfortunately, I was going for energized.

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  1. 02.15.2009 12:46 pm

    #3 — With PhotoShop Elements, they have a way to make one that you can send electronically or print

    #4 — that’s a toughie, and why I no longer sell to stores

    #6 — ah, naps….

  2. 02.24.2009 7:16 pm

    I knew a woman who made jewelry who explained pricing for stores thus (it didn’t work for me–sewing took way too much time!)

    price of materials to make item+(your hourly wage X time it took)X2=wholesale cost (to stores)

    wholesale cost X 2=retail cost (to individual customers)

    this way you never feel you’re getting ripped off by selling wholesale. but because it would take me well over an hour to cut an apron and sew it up, this got overpriced and didn’t work for me, exactly. But with jewelry (esp once you start buying supplies wholesale and your COG goes way down), it works. let’s say as an example for earrings:

    $3 (materials) + (.5 hour x $12/hr or $6) x 2=$9 wholesale, $18 retail. That’s ridiculously reasonable. So it works. And you can adjust it to suit.

    Most folks have minimums for wholesale, too, with a required number of pieces or cost. Mine was $100 minimum opening order and $75 reorder. Makes it further worth your while.

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