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Ikea Clock Hack


01 copy.jpg

Oh ubiquitous Ikea RUSCH clock. I loved you for your simplicity and your $2.99 price tag. You have gone unused for awhile, collecting dust on my shelf. Well guess what Ikea clock, I need a new clock in my workspace and you need a makeover!

STEP 1: Take Out Battery and Pry Clock Open

Before you do anything else, take out the battery from the back of your clock.  This stops the clock.

On the back of the Ikea RUSCH clock, you will find 3 little notches with plastic tabs from the cover in them. The plastic is very bendable, so I just used a small needle nose pliers to push the plastic tab out of the notch, one notch at a time.

STEP 2: Remove Cover and Clock Hands


Set aside the cover and the clock hands. The face is attached to the back of the clock, so you will have to work inside the clock.

STEP 3: Get Crafty
05.jpg 06.jpg

For my project, I knew I would be using loteria cards and acrylic paint. (Whatever you decide to use, remember to keep it flat and thin so the clock’s hands can pass over the made-over face.)

I gessoed the clock face so it would put up with my abuse. Then I laid out my cards. I took a quick picture of the layout with my digital camera so I could refer back to the design later.


I then painted the background with supah-dupah bright yellow acrylic paint and placed my loteria cut-outs back in their established place. I used the acrylic paint as glue.

STEP 6: Distract Yourself While Your Clock Dries

For example, I began writing this DIY to pass the time.

STEP 7: Reassemble and Display Your Hot New Clock

Once you have waited for all your glue and paint to dry, go ahead and reassemble your clock. Start by placing the hands back onto the clock.  Make sure the completely flat side of each hand  is facing you. Put the hands back on in the following order: first the hour hand, then the minute hand, and then the second hand attaches like a cap.

Then place your battery into the back of the clock to make sure that your clock works and that the hands have freedom to move over the made-over face.

If all is well and good, snap the cover back on by lining up the plastic tabs on the cover with the notches in the back of the clock and gently pressing down until you hear a snap.

Put your clock on display, tell time, accept the praise given to you by your friends and family for your creativity!

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  1. 02.17.2009 6:46 am

    Very cool! We are making an Ikea run next weekend. Perhaps I’ll see if they still have those or some suitable replacement.

  2. 02.17.2009 11:57 am

    That’s awesome! I may steal your idea as I have been feeling like a clock would do my office good, but I want it to be a really sweet clock.

  3. 02.17.2009 12:02 pm

    Chic! I love it….also love the price tag!

  4. 02.23.2009 3:06 pm

    Okay, HOW can you stand yourself?! This is brilliant and also steal-worthy. Rock on! Or is it: Clock on…?

  5. 01.22.2011 1:15 am

    bloody brilliant!


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