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Abysmal Yet Fun


Thank you to everyone who was excited for me to sell at my first market, Brooklyn Flea Winter Pop-Up Market.  Many of you sent messages of support and seemed quite confident that I would do wonderfully.  Well, sound the trumpets, here is the skinny:  I did terribly.  If it were not for one of my dear friends, I would have had no sales, but Audrey and Liz came by and each purchased jewelry.  Thank heavens.

Although the day was disappointing in the sales department, I had a really nice and informative time. I made friends with two of my fellow {NewNew} Etsy Street Team members, Karina of Journalistic Tendency and Michelle of Chelleline Card and Stationery.  I also talked to other vendors and got tips on other venues and feedback on my display.  It turns out that my display, although elegant, is lacking a certain “look at me quality” necessary to compete with other jewelers.  I also committed to be part of The Brooklyn Home Design Show in October (but more on that later).

In the afternoon I did get a quick visit from David and Wee-One.  My tiny tot showed up in Minnie Mouse ears and carrying a purse.  It was a deeeelightful pick-me-up.  We danced to Jungle Boogie (courtesy of the DJ) and tried not to block other vendors’ booths.

In Twitter news (oh lord, that sounds like something from one of my MSNBC shows), I have added my twitterfeed to the right sidebar of this blog.  I use twitter to share interesting blog articles, websites, and the occasional status update.   I have heard that this widget does hiccup, so if you want to follow me regularly on twitter, go to my twitter page, and click “follow.”  And now, for a bit more shameless promotion, if you enjoy my tweets, I would love your vote on Twibes.

I am now off to order Chinese food and to call it a day!

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