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In Focus Picture – Out of Focus in the Viewfinder?

Picture 1 copy.jpg

Image From the Canon EOS 40D Manual

Not too long ago, I looked through my camera’s viewfinder and no matter how much I adjusted the focus on my lens, the image stayed blurry. BUT when I took a photo with the lens sent to autofocus, the image came out crystal clear.

So I took my camera to Adorama to see if someone there knew what was going on with my camera (or my lens or my eyes). Lo and behold, one of the gentlemen in the rental department knew exactly what was wrong.  Nothing per se.

My camera, the Canon EOS 40D features a dioptric adjustment knob – which can adjust the viewfinder to the eye if you need corrective lenses and are not currently sporting them.  The tiny knob, located just above the viewfinder had gotten turned by accident.  I have reset it to 0 and all is right in my photography world again.

I hope to post a daily pic later, but I have a seder to get ready for.  Happy Passover to all and to all a good night.

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  1. David Stamm permalink
    04.09.2009 6:26 am

    Love the camera diagram! Thanks for including that.

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