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Happy Easter

Gloria's Eggs

Wee-One's Eggs

My Favorite Egg

My Favorite Egg

Which Way Did the Bunny Go?

Which way did the bunny go?

Trying New Stuff

Trying Something New

At this time of year, this nice Jewish girl should be eating her matzoh and harrosset, but the fact of the matter is I got hooked on celebrating Easter years ago.  My Mormom nannies dyed eggs with me, my grandmother bought me giant, fancy chocolate bunnies, and as I got older I found myself attending friend’s scrumptious Easter suppers.  Easter is filled with color, flavor, and flowers  and do not forget that there are ridiculous hats on parade on Fifth Avenue.  I simply cannot resist the non-religious aspects of the holiday.

My friend Van and I dyed eggs yesterday; Wee-One helped too.  I used hard boiled eggs so my tiny tot could partake (I ususally blow out the shells).  She used her new Faber Castell short jumbo crayons (which both of us love) to scribble on some eggs.  I then embellished them (or not) and put them in the dye for her.

For my favorite egg of mine, I chose an egg that cracked in the boiling process.  I dyed it light yellow and then used a cotton swab to paint light green lines over the cracks. It looked like a branch so I gave it some hot pink flowers.  I am guessing that even the whites of that egg will be yellow when I go to eat it for breakfast!

In SLR news, I am borrowing my mother’s camera until I get mine fixed.  So daily photos will commence soon.

No matter what you celebrate, may your Spring be warm and colorful.

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  1. 04.12.2009 8:29 pm

    These are great eggs – I lvoe the greeny ones…they sort of look marbley – much healthier than chocolate too, though we wouldn’t want to tell the easter bunny that!

  2. 04.12.2009 10:17 pm

    Wonder what the easter equivilant of Festivus is…sounds like you might fall into that category 😉

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