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On Slowing Down…

April 15

April 15

If you have been following this blog for some time you will know that I often remind myself, in written form, to slow down.  I let my readers know that I will be taking a short break, almost as if I am asking permission.  In the end, I rarely do slow down.  I am a big fan of “go-go-go.” I just motor along until I crash.  Then I pick up the pieces and continue.

I have been forced to slow down since I have been living in a temporary apartment without all my distractions and with my very toddlery toddler.  It has been interesting. It has left time for meditation. I have been forced to slow down as jewelry sales have tapered (I am confident they will be back come May).  I have been forced to slow down as my new designs require acquiring new skills.  I have been forced to slow down in order to figure out how to better photograph small objects.  I have been forced to slow down as my child insists on walking everywhere and she walks very, very slowly.  I have been forced to slow down as my dreams leave me wondering what is really going on in my head.

Slow like molasses living in fast-paced big apple.

It has been good for me.  I do not keep a  journal, but I do dig periodic introspection.  It turns out I like slowing down.  I like thinking about how to increase my sales.  I like tweaking my designs over and over again in my head, I like finding where the light hits my cup of coffee.  I like watching my child look down at the subway grates as hot, stinky air rushes up at her.  I like figuring out what the hidden room in my dreams means.

But I am getting fidgety.  I am not meant to stay in this retreat for long.  I long to return home and to make stuff and to blog about it.  I cannot wait to have the time to move explore more city further and uncover more treasures and resources. It will be at least another week of slow like molasses. I will try to make the best of it.

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  1. 04.15.2009 6:43 pm

    Good for you.
    This sounds like me. I crash, then get back up. It’s crazy making, but sometimes I think I’m made for that. And I’m much older than you, so I’m wondering if my slowing down time should last longer than the busy busy times. I feel the same, though.
    Take care of yourself. It’s an organic cycle that will make you a better and more confident artist!

  2. 04.17.2009 12:15 am

    hey- that’s a great picture of you!

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