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Daily Photo & Thoughts on Going Home

April 22.jpg

April 22

Spring has most certainly been cold and rainy this year.  I have done my best to stay warm and dry.  However, I cannot be bothered to hide from it anymore – hence raspberry rain boots and a yellow umbrella.

I am itching to return home.  I hauled all my jewelry and embroidery supplies up to my temporary dwelling, only to let them collect dust.  On clear days, I schlep around the city checking out both new and usual sources of inspiration, only to put projects on the back burner.  It turns out, I need to be in my space to make stuff.  I do not think I ever realized that about myself, but I am not surprised. This trend has been abundantly clear my whole life, but I had not put it all together until I strolled from SoHo to Greenwich Village in a cold spring rain.

I wonder if that has any significance.  I am not sure that I really care.  It has just been an introspective few weeks, and for me, introspection is as comfortable as my six-year old Dansko clogs.

That said, I cannot wait to get home.

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  1. 04.23.2009 10:31 pm

    I think I know what you mean. I know I get more done when I’m home in a place where my ideas always seem to thrive. I always take a journal and supplies on long trips, and I do a little, but I don’t accomplish or produce the amount or quality of work that I do at home. I used to think it was distraction on the road, but lately I’ve decided it’s about being fed, comfortable, free at home. Home as freedom. Good stuff.

    Good for you, going home!

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