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Two Thousand & Ten Cheers for Reinvention!


I did not follow on my promise to come back.  (I am not sure that promise was ever explicit, but I at least led you on.) I am a horrid blogist.  I apologize.

As summer rolled around blogging had become a chore. My focus had wandered from making stuff to hanging out.  What I found was that I had started making stuff just so I could blog, which, in turn made the whole process completely un-fun.

Once the weather turned chilly, I returned to the world of creating.  I have been making stuff – but not jewelry or art as much as dinner, toddler knitwear and kid-friendly crafts.  I have been learning the art of letterpress and home-sewing.  Although I continued to pursue creative endeavors, I stopped documenting them, and creating became fun again.

That said, I have realized I do miss blogging. There is something to be said for throwing my thoughts, accomplishments and failures into the e-abyss.

With that, in this new year I will be reinventing LLBH&CLLBH&C has a new look and the content will shift focus back to the simple act of making stuff.  I plan to share how-tos, patterns, recipes, and cool creative stuff on the interwebs. Of course I will also continue to share my thoughts on, as well as experiences with, success and failures in my creative endeavors.

Please keep me in your feed reader.  I promise dear readers to return to blogging – besides, it is too cold outside to do much else!

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  1. 01.12.2010 11:44 pm

    Nice bloggin, lady!

  2. 01.13.2010 9:37 am

    Welcome back, Lady Lulu! Your adoring fans have missed you.

  3. 01.13.2010 10:13 am

    Yay! Likewise, I should blog more. 😦

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