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Alphabet Necklace & A Genetic Passion for Accessories


When I was a little girl, if you asked me to go put together my dream outfit, I would have put on my Wonder Woman swimsuit, white lace-trimmed socks, black patent-leather mary janes, barrettes featuring my name and ribbons, my plastic rainbow heart bracelet, and my plastic charm necklace.  I have a long history of loving to accessorize… too much.

So, I was not surprised when my daughter’s favorite outfit involved a tutu, heart-tights, leg warmers, shiny sneakers, a hello kitty t-shirt and necklaces we made together.  One such necklace is her alphabet necklace.

alphabet necklace

Monkey does not just have a passion for accessories like her mother, she has also demonstrated fine-motor skills. I thought I would combine her passion and skills while practicing the alphabet.  We had a set of wooden beads including alphabet beads and some cotton string. We alternated threading the alphabet in order with other beads.  Monkey threaded the beads and we identified the letters together. Once we got through all 26 letters and tied it off, Monkey had a necklace that she could be proud of.  She loves telling people that we made it together.

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  1. 01.22.2010 12:55 pm

    What a FANTASTIC idea! Creative, educational, and a great memory for both of you. You rock, Laura!

    • Lu permalink*
      01.22.2010 10:37 pm

      Thanks! It helps to have an insanely cute partner in crime.

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